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Most Australians will rely upon an Age Pension in retirement. The RetirePlanner™ makes your calculations quick and easy, explaining the rules and keeping you totally up-to-date.

Understand your entitlements

Centrelink income and assets tests are complex, so let the RetirePlanner™ do the work to define your Age Pension income.

Maximise your

 By knowing your eligibility, you can use the calculator to redo the sums, to ensure you get the highest possible entitlement.

Remain up-to-date with rule changes 

Keeping up-to-date with Centrelink is a massive challenge, so let us do the work for you.

"This tool has taken an extremely complex process and made it as simple as possible. I now know how much I will get"



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"Established in 1999, YourLifeChoices is the longest-running, and most authoritative retirement website in Australia. It's 230,000 members depend upon the daily enewsletters to remain up-to-date on all retirement income news, including their Age Pension entitlements. YourLifeChoices' plain English explanations of superannuation, pensions, investments and Centrelink rules - and now RetirePlanner™ - ensure you will never miss out on important retirement income information again."

Kaye Fallick, Co-founder of YourLifeChoices.

Worried you'll outlive your savings?

Finding it impossible to keep up with the changes?

Concerned that complexity will see you miss out on your entitlements?

Ready for your retirement?

Solve all your problems with RetirePlanner™

Frequently Ask Questions


As a couple, do we each need to buy a version of the planner?

No, you will both be able to input your details into one version.

Who is

YourLifeChoices is Australia’s leading retirement website, providing independent and
essential news, views and information to older Australians. Our website and daily enewsletters are a valuable resource for all Australians looking for affordable retirement solutions, with updates and advice on the Age Pension, superannuation, retirement income, travel, health and technology.


We deliver up-to-date, independent information and essential resources, anywhere, anytime and on any device – for Australians seeking affordable retirement solutions.


We are an independent retirement website offering a compelling mix of unbiased content, news and views produced by in-house writers and impartial experts.


We aim to empower older Australians by providing all the information and resources
they need for an affordable and dignified retirement.

Yes, you can update your details at any time, as many times as you like.

If I change the amount I take from my super as a pension or start to earn income from a part time job, will I be able to update my details held in the planner?


Your personal information is stored with industry standard encryption software. At no time will any of your information collected through this service be accessed by YourLifeChoices, or shared with any third party.

How secure are my details?


I'm not able to claim an Age Pension for a couple of years, can I still use the tool now?


Yes. You will be able to receive an indication of what Age Pension, if any, you will receive when you become eligible. As the figures are updated as indexation occurs, you will also be re-evaluate your calculation.

No, all payments are processed through a trusted third-party payment processor, called Stripe.

Do you hold my payment details?


I don't think I will be able to receive an Age Pension, is the RetirePlanner still worthwhile purchasing?


Given the information about the process of applying for an Age Pension and how the rules are applied, you may find that you do indeed qualify for a payment or at the very least, a concession card. The tool also enables you to gain a clear, overall view of your finances.

"I am a great admirer and long time member of YourLifeChoices, and have recommended to many"

- Judy

What if the planner isn't right for me?


No problem, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your payment.